Dr. Gloria Bozeman Herndon
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Dr. Gloria Bozeman Herndon

Founder, President & CEO of GB Group Global
…taking lessons from the PAST, WITH PRESENT day realities to create solutions for the FUTURE…


Dr. Gloria Bozeman Herndon is a native of East St Louis, Illinois. She attended Southern Illinois University and graduated magna cum laude with Bachelor degrees in Political Science, Philosophy and Music. Dr. Herndon continued on to Johns Hopkins University where she received a Masters Degree in International Economics and Law. She was later accepted into the doctoral program at Johns Hopkins University where she attained additional academic success as a Rockefeller Fellow. Notably, Dr. Herndon also received an honorary mention for the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. While pursuing her doctorate, Dr. Herndon also worked as a research fellow at the Brookings Institute and was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


Dr. Herndon is a published author, accomplished musician and member of numerous public and private entity boards and the recipient of a number of awards. She also established the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) program for advising small and minority-owned businesses on the design and implementation of business and benefits insurance programs. Dr. Herndon stays active in both the business and local communities through associations such as the Smithsonian, Corporate Advisory Board of Office Depot, former American Express board member, National HeadStart Associations, NAFEO, American Association of Community College, Association of Community College Trustee and US Angola Chamber of Commerce.
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